Cornell University, 213 Willard Straight Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853

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Registrations open for Spring 2020 Training, to register click here.

Who is Invited?

Any member of the Cornell Community who wants to:

  •     Become a better listener

  •     Gain valuable life skills in becoming more emotionally self-aware

  •     Acquire confidence and skill in communicating with others

  •     Prepare to become a counselor

  •     Make friends from across campus

  •     Build your resume

  •     Learning outcomes that support personal growth and professional development

  •     Confident and capable leaders are skilled in empathic listening and communication skills

EARS skills help enhance the quality of one’s personal relationships with self and others


Registrations open for Spring 2020 Training, to register click here.

  • Beginning Level - Mondays 7-9pm at RPCC, Multi-Purpose Room. Training Starts, 2/3/2020-4/20/2020

  • Advanced Level - Mondays 7-9:30 pm at Anabel Taylor Hall. Training Starts, 2/3/2020-4/20/2020

  • Intensive Training (5 weeks) - Mondays 7-9:00 pm at Willard Straight Hall. Training Starts, 2/3/2020-3/3/2020.

Everyone in the EARS community starts at the Beginning Level. If you have never taken or completed a semester of EARS training before, please select Beginning on the sign up form.

Time Commitment

Beginning and advanced training take place over 11 weeks. An intensive training can be completed in five weeks.

What is covered at the different Levels?


Introduces a comprehensive counseling skills model

Interactive workshops, skits, games & small group discussions

Lots of opportunities to practice & get feedback

Builds on 1st level skills

Features presentations by campus & community experts

Topics include: multi-cultural counseling, relationships, eating disorders, self-esteem, substance abuse, suicide prevention & more.


Deepens skills for students preparing for the counselor qualifying session

Individualized practice sessions with extensive feedback

Topics include: multicultural counseling, building healthier relationships, mindfulness training, eating disorders, tips for combating stress and increasing resiliency, sex and values, suicide prevention and more.

Becoming a Counselor
After a minimum of two semesters, trainees must demonstrate required skills in a rigorous evaluation session.

The training helped me to be more confident that I can create a space for someone else's pain and that I can hang in there and know what to do to help the person in front of me to feel safe speaking to me.

    - EARS trainee, Spring 2016