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Everyone needs a little help sometimes. At times we may need a gentle reminder that our mental health and emotional well-being are just as important as our physical health. This page includes a comprehensive list of campus and local resources available to support undergraduate, graduate, and professional Cornell students and resources for students with children/families, partners, or spouses. Highlighted resources are confidential. This page does not cover all of the resources available in the Ithaca area and should be used as a starting point when making referrals if you are unsure where to find help. Note: The information below is adapted from the Support for Students | Mental Health at Cornell website. 


If there is an immediate threat to life, health, property, or environment:

  • Call 911 from any phone on campus or use a Blue Light or other campus emergency phone. If you are using a cell phone, call 607-255-1111. Describe as clearly as possible the location and nature of the emergency.

  • Cornell Police: 607-255-1111 to report an on-campus emergency or non-emergency incident, or for information and general assistance. Pick up any Blue Light phone, or one of the 275 indoor emergency phones located on campus, for a direct connection to the CU Police.

  • Cayuga Medical Center (CMC) Emergency Department at 607-274-4411


Urgent Health Concerns

  • Cornell Health: 607-255-5155 for 24/7 confidential phone consultation with a medical or mental health care provider

  • WellNow Urgent Care: 607-319-4563 for non-emergency medical care

  • Advocacy Center of Tompkins County: 607-277-5000 24/7 local support and resources related to relationship violence and sexual assault

  • Crisis Line: 607-272-1616 local 24/7 confidential (or anonymous) hotline service sponsored by Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service


Cornell Health (physical and mental health)


Financial Well-being and Food Insecurity Resources


Fitness, Recreation, and Sports


Nature and Outdoor Connection


Scholarly and Academic Well-Being


Social Connection Resources


Spiritual and Religious Well-Being


Support for Specific Threats to Health & Well-Being

Support with General Campus Concerns


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