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Empathy Chairs

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Empathy Chair Overview

Through the Empathy Chair Workshop Series, EARS provides a two-day training program for volunteers interested in serving as a point-person for support within organizations on campus, such as clubs, sports teams, and Greek life.

If you have questions about Empathy Chairs after reading the sections below or need accommodations for this experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Empathy Chair?

You can become an Empathy Chair for your organization(s) by completing EARS Beginning Training, completing the two-day Empathy Chair Workshop Series, or joining EARS Staff.

Is the Empathy Chair training a replacement for Beginning Training? Can I enroll in Advanced Training after completing the Empathy Chair Workshop Series?

No. Beginning Training offers a more in-depth approach to the EARS skills that will better serve you for continuing to Advanced training. Suppose you are considering Advanced Training or joining EARS Staff. We recommend taking Beginning Training instead of the Empathy Chair Workshop Series so you are eligible for Advanced Training.


Why would I become an Empathy Chair?

The Empathy Chair Workshop Series is ideal for those wanting to get involved with EARS outreach and build empathy and active listening skills without committing to a semester of Beginning Training.

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