EARS (Empathy, Assistance & Referral Service) provides training, workshops, and peer mentoring to promote mental health, well-being, empathy, and active listening skills among the Cornell campus community. 

EARS has reimagined its services through a new model of peer mentoring, support, and outreach which involves building relationships and integrating EARS-trained students into communities on campus. We have two new programs -- EARS Peer Mentors and Empathy Chairs -- that seek to expand our outreach to the Cornell Community. Please check out our new tabs to find out more information about each role. For our official statement on how EARS has changed, please click here

Drop-in Peer Mentoring hours will return for the Fall 2022 semester in mid-September. For other additional resources, click here


For more information and updates please visit our social media channels:

Facebook: @cornellears

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EARS (Empathy, Assistance, and Referral Service) is a vibrant peer support, outreach, and training program open to all members of the Cornell community. EARS is not a counseling or mental health service. 


EARS Announces New Model

This Cornell Chronicle article explains our latest updates.


This FAQ helps address questions about our new model of services, to begin in Fall 2021.


This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University. EARS is staffed by undergraduate, graduate students, and professional students and is advised by Cornell staff. EARS is a student-run organization that is housed under the Skorton Center for Health Initiatives and funded in part by the Student Activity Fee. 

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EARS offers free, drop-in, Peer Mentoring hours to the Cornell student community. Peer Mentors are trained to serve as a listening ear and help get students connected to resources.

Note: Peer Mentoring is not counseling or mental health support.

EARS offers training in active listening, empathy, and communication skills. Anyone in the Cornell Community is welcome to train to be a better communicator and leader.

EARS staff and trainers offer free interactive workshops upon request for any campus group.


"EARS really helped me learn to listen and understand people, regardless of their background or circumstance, and I really think it ultimately helps you become a more empathetic and considerate person as a result. Super grateful for every minute I spent in EARS and definitely recommend that everybody get involved if possible!"

Matt Chen '20