Peer Mentor Schedule

Peer Mentor Drop-In hours are free and accessible across campus for Cornell students. 

Check out the Peer Mentor Bios to learn more about each Peer Mentor!

Peer Mentor Drop-In hours are closed for the Spring 2022 semester, but look forward to our new times and locations next semester. Come visit for self-care items and for a safe space to talk. 

Peer Mentors
Monday 12-2 PM
Aaron Li, Jennifer Hoang
Monday 2-4 PM
Talia Fishman, Hira Mirza
Monday 4-6 PM
Katrien de Waard, Angelina Franqueiro
Tuesday 12-2 PM
Meghana Gavirneni, Ben Feldman
Tuesday 2-4 PM
Katrien de Waard, Julia Fan
Tuesday 4-6PM
Georgia Pappano, Emma Harte, Felisha Li
Tuesday 6-8 PM
Hannah Son, Claudia Hatef
Wednesday 12-2 PM
Hannah Barnes, Hannah Denton
Wednesday 2-4 PM
Sammy DeLorenzo, Darby Le
Wednesday 4-6 PM
Anne Yan, Gabriella D'Erasmo, Lauren Fogel
Wednesday 6-8 PM
Taline Dawson, Reid Barker
Thursday 12-2 PM
Kimberly Zhang, Michelle Yang
Thursday 2-4 PM
Lauren Moroz, Liv Cramer
Thursday 4-6 PM
Philly Latorre, Annika Dahlin, Jahnvi Bhojwani
Thursday 6-8 PM
Nianhui Yang, Neil Sathi, Saanya Lingineni
Friday 2-4 PM
Hanora Chapman, Hana Schwarz
Sunday 4-6 PM
David Lu, Bianca Santos-Declet, Ben Lederman
Sunday 6-8 PM
Amy Mathew, Elita Gao, Elaine Geng