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EARS Liaisons

EARS Liaisons will be EARS staff members who can act as a "point person" of support, empathy, and well-being resource for organizations that do not have a member who has received the requisite EARS training to be an Empathy Chair. EARS Liaisons will be paired with groups requesting peer support and consultation and will serve in that capacity for a set period of time.   


For more information about EARS Liaisons, please contact us at

EARS Liaisons FAQs (click here for more FAQs)

How do I become an EARS Liaison?

EARS Liaisons are EARS staff members who have successfully completed Beginning and Advanced Training and the staff evaluation process. If you are interested in becoming an EARS Liaison, start by signing up for Beginning Training. 

How does an Empathy Chair differ from an EARS Liaison?

Empathy Chairs are not EARS staff members. Instead, they are members within their own organizations who are trained by EARS to become a "point person" for empathy, listening, and referral within their own organizations. EARS Liaisons, on the other hand, are EARS staff members (who have completed both Beginning and Advanced Training).

"We trust that this newly reimagined model will allow EARS to expand its impact, by bringing the services to the students and further breaking down the barriers to peer support. After all, if the pandemic has shown us anything, it's that a sense of community and belonging are vital to our mental health and well-being"

    - Felisha Li '22

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